Ceiling Tiles
Ceiling tiles, supplied by our company are the lightweight construction materials, which are widely known for covering the ceilings. The tiles can provide some thermal insulation and boost the aesthetics as well as acoustics of workplaces and houses. 

Gypsum Boards
Gypsum Boards supplied by our company are offered with several properties such as fire proofing, sound insulation, light weight, high strength, and increased level of ductility etc. These are so convenient in application as well as installation.

Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles
Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles are the special tiles fabricated from recycled newspaper, mineral wool, perlite, binding agents, fiberglass, etc. These are known as the highly reliable as well as sound-absorbing solutions.

Acoustical Panel
We provide enormous, soft-furnished acoustical panels which may be positioned across an area to improve the visual audio output. The convenience of walls that employ these available acoustic panels increases significantly.
False Ceiling
We provide false ceilings in a variety of forms, styles, and materials that may transform a regular space into something amazing. Your room's decor is finished elegantly with these ceilings. Through their ability to remove excessive heat, they keep your house cooler.
Hilux Calcium Silicate Board
Hilux Calcium Silicate Board we offer can be used for walls, ceilings, and partitions. These are also demanded in the industries of Healthcare, Hospitality, Textile, Engineering, Educational Institutions, Manufacturing Units, Information Technology, and others. 

Fiber Board
Fiber Boards are applicable for several applications such as shelving, doors, decorative molding, laminate flooring, and others. These have excellent physical qualities, due to which their demands are always high for recreating and paneling projects. 

Calcium Silicate
An outstanding producer, supplier, and exporter of calcium silicate is our illustrious organization. These are in high demand for residential buildings, cafes, hospitals, hotels, train stations, movie theaters, exhibition centers, and metro stations. These which are being offered are 100% asbestos-free, environmentally friendly, and fire resistant.
Plaster of Paris
We offer plaster of paris, the material used to build the home's false ceilings. These are  a cost-effective option for home renovations, so use these materials to give your old house a fresh coat of paint!
Drywall Tape
We provide drywall tapes for our consumers. The offered range is utilized to conceal gaps that are frequently present during the installation of drywall. We guarantee that our users will create a smooth surface with the aid of these tapes.
Self Adhesive Tape
When creating wall displays, we frequently come to the realization that hammering nails into the wall might not be the best course of action. Self adhesive tapes are therefore a practical and favored alternative for individuals looking to add a touch of aesthetics to their homes.

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